About Mova

About Mova

MOVA’s foundation is built on the

philosophy of exceptional service and becoming a one-stop automotive solution.

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With the completion of our building which is centrally located at Jalan Kilang in 2003 and an additional MOVA workshop at 15 Fan Yoong in 2008, MOVA has expanded its workplace for servicing from the initial 13,000 square feet to 86,000 square feet. 

Having been in the automotive services industry for over 30 years, MOVA continues to grow with its team of management staff who has acquired a vast pool of experience and knowledge in both customer and corporate account services.

automotive services industry for over 30 years

Meet Mova Team

Our Founder

CHAIRMAN – Co-Founder

Mr Wong Sat Phai

“MOVA Automotive Pte Ltd was founded in 1986 upon the philosophy of excellent customer service. Because our marketing strategy is built upon customer satisfaction, we are prosperous. Constantly improving ourselves is also important and by embracing realistic development strategies, MOVA makes progress every step of the wa
CEO – Co-Founder

Mrs Jacklyn Wong

Managing a company in the male-dominated sector has never been easy for a woman, but the Chairman’s wife and also CEO of Mova has done it! Jacklyn, armed with determination and hard work took MOVA from a two-men team to over 100 to-date since MOVA started in 1986.

The business was built from scratch to a 7-storey Mova building, a chain of workshops in the automobile business, an engineering arm and several CNG set-ups. To many, she is the leading inspirational example of a modern woman.