This post could be the function of describing Suga’s supposed gf a years that are few. – Mova Automotive

This post could be the function of describing Suga’s supposed gf a years that are few.

This post could be the function of describing Suga’s supposed gf a years that are few.

She appeared to have few buddies that accompanied her and vice-versa along with commenting on the articles, but their pages had been personal helping to make things more dubious because we’dn’t understand if they’re fake or otherwise not.

Now, I’ve looked for this woman every-where through the use of Bing Reverse Re Re Search to locate if she ended up being simply a woman whoever had their pictures taken by another person, but i possibly couldn’t find ANYTHING. In addition need certainly to observe that it really is impractical to reverse search a photograph which will result in a Facebook, in order that wasn’t helpful.

As of this point let’s assume this girl just is genuine and there’s perhaps maybe not somebody various behind the display screen.

We have most likely done the majority of things to try and find her identity on other platforms.

She had a twitter that is old just had by herself on her behalf profile image, and its undoubtedly her, but no reference to Suga. (Tattoo + Miji Sticker)

She additionally had a Facebook and she passed both Miji Kim and Brookelle Kim. (does not occur anymore) There’s additionally no mention of Suga there either aside from the screenshot from earlier in the day which had been probably taken before it became personal.

(Anybody else fed up with the stickers? )

In addition discovered a reference to a woman whom looks like Miji (also though it demonstrably claims her title when you look at the tweet, she appears various. ) and some body had questioned whether it ended up being Bighit staff or Suga’s Girlfriend.

Miji had additionally published a photo because well as changed her profile photo for whenever she was at Ca. She posted this the time that is same were in Anaheim when it comes to WINGS Tour. (that is not likely precise but from my memory, it’s likely the occasions had been close. )

(Sorry there isn’t proof the date, it absolutely was not long ago it, I simply wanted the images as evidence through that time. And so I didn’t think about)

Fast ahead, her account is a little more vigorous than typical and ended up beingn’t as private as prior to and offered us more images of her relationship.

(I’ve never ever seen Suga wear diamond stud earrings after debut…)

In addition had more images of Miji posted on a different Instagram (that was maybe not really an idea that is good also it got reported and deleted, thus I don’t keep these things.

The conclusion of Miji’s account:

After 2016, Miji had no further posted much and on April 2017, she posted one final photo as her farewell. She must’ve split up together with her BF or desired to stop publishing. The account continues to be up and she also supplied a hyperlink to her new twitter (which we don’t comprehend because its private and I also didn’t get accepted so just why would she put a website link here? ). Following the entire fiasco, she’sn’t published since.

(If you’re thinking, I will likely not publish all usernames mentioned since they don’t post anymore. )

Thoughts and summary

We can’t state whether it is Suga or perhaps not. During this period he talked about he wants to focus on his music that he isn’t in the right time to date and. Whether he had been lying or otherwise not, its a reason that is plausible to stay in a relationship. I’m sure I might appear obsessive over Miji, that we acknowledge, i’m. There isn’t any answer that is obvious/outright obscure proof to come quickly to a summary on whether this will be true or perhaps not. I’m sorry that there surely is maybe not evidence that is much show this rumor nevertheless the things Miji had posted had been additionally inconclusive. I recently actually want to understand the truth, We believe it is so interesting no body had mentioned it since throughout the right time she ended up being active. I’d need certainly to state, this secret is unsolved!

I’d also prefer to address that there surely is additionally another dating rumor that ARMYs are attempting to hide to protect their reputation. I came across it by reading KPOP blind products. Maybe it’s a various woman, but individuals additionally associate this woman as Miji (took place belated 2016) and so I don’t understand. Evidently this girl visited Suga for the concert in Japan additionally the entire fainting during rehearsal thing ended up being fake? Rather he went to hang down her or something because of something she said with her and Japanese fans really hate. Suga additionally possessed a private instagram account and bragged which he had intercourse along with her? He does not appear to be an individual who would boast about this, but anyways, me know if you me to make a post about that, let!

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