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cheap Canada Goose Margaret Maurer, a senior at Tulane University, who went by the nickname “Meg,” was traveling with a couple of friends for a spring break trip and had stopped at a rest area off Interstate 10 eastbound near Gautier, Mississippi, on Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, an 18 wheeler driving westbound on the highway somehow lost one of its rear dual tires.The pair of massive tires, which are bolted together and weigh roughly 500 pounds, flew off the tractor trailer, crossed the median strip and eastbound lanes then entered the parking lot of canada goose outlet toronto location the rest area as Maurer was walking back to the car with her friends. The tires traveled about 850 feet before hitting her, according to the Gautier Police Department.Maurer was pronounced dead at the scene.”It’s traumatizing of course for the young ladies that were there and the family,” Capt cheap Canada Goose.

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